girl power


Playlist God Save The Chicks !

 ( by VERSINTHE 99 )

Punk/rock américain, Riot Grrrl, Punk hardcore, Rock indépendant


- Lunachicks (Luxury Problem)

- Alice Bag (Gluttony)

- 7 Year Bitch (Hip Like Junk) 

- Bratmobile (Cool Schmool) 

- Bikini Kill (Rebel Girl)

- Skating Polly (Perfume For Now)

- L7 (Pretend We're Dead)


- Babes In Toyland (Bruise Violet)

- Hole (Violet) 

- Sleater-Kinney (Entertain)

- The Raincoats (Don't Be Mean)

- The Slits (Typical Girls)

- The Kleenex (Hedi's Head)

- Marianne Faithfull (Why D'ya Do It?)

- Patti Smith (Gloria)

- Bleached (Keep On Keepin' On)

- The Coathangers (Down down)

- LA Witch (Get Lost)

- The Black Belles (What Can I Do?)

- Warpaint (Disco)

- EMA (I Wanna Destroy)

- The Breeders (Safari)




Punk/rock britannique

- A void (She Threw Her Baby From The 7th Floor)

- Yassassin (Pretty Face)

- Goat Girl (Scream)


Punk/rock canadien

- The Horny Bitches (Necromaniac)

- The Pack A.D (Sirens)


Post-punk britannique

- Savages (She Will)


Post-punk australien

- Pleasure Symbols (Control)


Post-punk islandais

- Kaelan Mikla (Kalt) 

the donnas


- Lydia Lunch (Kill Your Sons) no-wave américain

- Pussy Riot (I Can't Breathe) rock/anarcho-punk russe

- Maidavale (If You Want To Smoke Be The Fire) rock psychédélique suédois

- Reykjavikurdaetur (Tista) rap islandais



- Chicks on Speed (We Don't Play guitars)

- Le Tigre (Deceptacon)


Grunge/Post-punk français

- Marybell (Vultures)

- Hante (My Deconstruction)


Punk hardcore français

- P.M.S (Cocaine Cunt)

- Les Suprêmes Dindes (J'accuse)


Rock français

- Jeanne Added (A War Is Coming)